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Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger problems, questions etc but also includes any Yahoo service. Please keep it on topic so that it makes it easier for ppl to search for information etc.

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Old 13 August 05, 10:51 PM
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hi all,
i've been experiencing this strange problem since last 2 weeks ... i'm not receiving any offline messages ... my friends are sending me offlines but i'm not getting them when i login to my yahoo messenger ... i even tried sending offline messages to myself using my other yahoo accounts ... but still nothing ... my other accounts are getting offline messages ... so the problem is with this particular account ... i even wrote to yahoo customer care a few times ... but nothing happened except yahoo sending me some set replies ... can anyone please help me? ... what might be the problem? ... there is another problem ... when i logout of my yahoo messenger then i login on my mobile ... so my status shows "I'm on SMS" ... i was receiving messages on my mobile earlier ... but since the time i stopped receiving offline messages ... the mobile messages have also stopped ... my friends who tried sending me mobile messages said that they got a message stating that i have to reply to one of their messages before they can send me any more messages ... so i thought it might have been my mistake not replying to their messages ... but then i created a new account on yahoo and tried sending mobile messages to my account ... but then also i got the same notice ... and since that account is new so there is no chance of any previous messages from that account ... then why is this notice coming? ... i'm in deep trouble ... i'm not getting offlines ... i'm not getting mobile messages ... are these two problems linked? ... please help ... thank you
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Old 16 August 05, 09:38 PM
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thats exactly the same problem i am facing, friends sending offlines but i am not getting nay offlines, but i figure out something, u can see in the connection there is a option "firewall with no proxy"...if u choose that option u will get the offlines...BUT BUT if the "firewall with no proxy" option is selected u cant get into chat rooms, thats the problem i am having, i mailed yahoo...but yet i got no reply, i think some perticular ids have those kida problems, because i have other ids and they are working very fine...now its time to ask here...whos gona help us..
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Old 18 August 05, 06:16 AM
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Hi (at last!) SUV .... and thanks for the PMs

I've no clue about this "missing offlines" problem. I use YM every day, and over 6 years have only ever definitely proved ONE offline msg sent to me that I did not get. And I send/receive quite a few every day, so if there WAS a problem I'm sure friends would tell me.

BUT, that's just Lucky Me!
From what I read it seems a not uncommon problem, and indeed it seems to target certain IDs and not others.
One suggestion I've seen is to be sure you have a clear YES to both the "Archive" questions in Preferences. I wonder if anyone can report they HAVE the problem, and they DO have these set to Yes ?

Apart from that I can offer nothing, though I reckon there must be SOMETHING in common with all those experiencing this. Do they all happen to use a particular firewall ? Or some third-party YM-related program ? Or even a particular operating system !?? Or, gee, have they all been misbehaving in chat rooms, or something like that ??! <lol>

I'm on XP-SP2, very "standard", with only firewall the built-in XP one, and no "third-party" progs. Perhaps this is similar to the big majority of users, and "most" YM users have no problem with offlines.
My HUNCH is that something slightly "non-normal" (such as maybe ZoneAlarm firewall, or using WindowBlinds, or SOME such, could be a cause.... but until/unless someone can quiz all those WITH the problem, and find a common factor, we won't know.

.... but I sure hope we all either fix or at LEAST isolate the CAUSE of this problem, as it's hugely bugging quite a number of people.
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Old 18 August 05, 06:52 AM
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Truly Eagle...but as no one seems to give their software or OS or any such information we request, its hardly likely to happen Not to mention they don't mention what they use Yahoo for...which is again important.
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Old 18 August 05, 07:26 AM
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Hi all I am experiencing exactly the same problem as you folks. for the last two weeks I have not been receiving offlines in one of my ids on yahoo. I connected a wireless router and thought that was the problem.....however......when I sign in with another of my id's i can receive offlines no problem - if anyone has any ideas then I would be extremely grateful as its driving me mad

I will try suv magic2's idea about the proxy thingy and see if that helps.....

I wait with baited breath for a resolution

Cheers m'dears

wee scottie caz
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Old 18 August 05, 08:17 AM
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KZ has taken a positive step, and made a NEW THREAD HERE to collate data on this problem.

Please, ANYONE experiencing continual problem with offline messages not arriving, GO THERE, and carefully enter your details, THEN perhaps a pattern can emerge.

Divided we fall - UNITED WE STAND !
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