3 Games You Always Played In Class

It was always so hard to pay attention in class growing up… who am I kidding? It still is! Trying to get away with playing these games ended up being more exciting than the game itself.

Hang Man:

I am not proud of how many men I have hung due to this game because I could not, for the life of me, or his, figure out the stupid phrases.

It’s hard not to overthink when random letters start appearing on the paper and you start repeating all the vowels as you begin to panic.

The highlight of this game is when the lightbulb finally goes off in your head realizing the phrase is an inside joke or something so stupid you would have been legit pissed if you didn’t get it.

Such a fun way to completely ignore your teacher and entertain yourself by coming up with a funny word/phrase in hopes that the hanging man runs out of limbs to be hung so you can win.

Tic Tac Toe:

The fact that there is a strategy to this game makes me laugh because I always went straight for the middle spot and then it would always go downhill from there. I had no game plan but to focus on getting three in a row instead of blocking my partner.

It blew my mind when my opponent had two options of winning on either side, so it didn’t matter what my next move was. My x could have taken up the entire paper, and they would still find a way around it to win.

The rules would slowly turn into best three out of five then your whole study guide was filled with giant Xs and O’s.


This game was all about fantasizing and romanticizing your future. Your goal was to marry your crush and drive a BMW to your law firm before making your way home to your mansion with three kids.

If only it were that easy to get everything you want by blindly choosing options on a piece of paper.

The best part is when your best friend threw in a couple of options for each category and purposely chose the most repulsive spouses, jobs, and cars. You ended up having a mini panic attack when you thought your future could consist of marrying the class clown while working as a janitor and living in a shack with your thirteen kids.

The entire game was unrealistic, but it didn’t stop you from playing whenever you got the chance. Let’s face it; your wants did change on the daily at that age.

Reminiscing on these games is a good reminder that you should tap into your kid’s side every once in a while.

Guarantee if you whip out a piece of paper and start playing these games you will be in for a night of fun and laughter.

Heck, you might even remember the ideal life you wanted when you were in middle school, thanking the universe it didn’t give you what you thought you wanted.

Want to learn more about games from the past? Check out the video below!