7 Roadtripping Games You Need To Play

There comes a time in your life you have to grab the necessities and get the hell out of town for a while.

The music, snacks, and company make the road trip worthwhile but adding in these games makes the drive much more enjoyable.

Regardless if it’s an hour or twelve, there’s enough time to play one of these, if not all of them because games are fun and when you’re having fun it makes everything worth it.

Chinese Fire Alarm Game:

So you’re a bit of daredevil and want to test the odds of being honked, screamed and possibly injured for this ridiculous game. It is entirely worth it because the adrenaline rush you receive once you get into another spot is worth the spontaneous commotion.

Changing things up is a must on a road trip because everyone needs a turn at being the shotgun, DJ, and steering the entire damn thing.

Movie Game:

For all of you movie fanatics, this one is for you because you end up remembering every movie you’ve seen since birth. You have actually to know actor’s names to play, but I’m pretty sure you can just end up describing their face when you have a brain fart.

Once an actor/actress is chosen, you have to say a movie they were in and then another actor in the film, so on and so forth. You’ll be surprised how much that big brain of yours will remember when you put it up to the test.

License Plate Game:

The rules can differ in this game, but the gist is that you either tally or punch, for some of you aggressive players, when you spot a license plate from a different state. You can decide to spot out specific plates too or try to figure out any secret meaning behind the letters and numbers on the plate.

Slug Bug Game:

In this game, you have to pay attention and have a keen eye for any car remotely shaped into the Volkswagen bug form. There always comes a time when two people see it at the same time, and both of them end up getting a punch it, defeating the purpose but still a good laugh.

Battle Of The Bands Game:

Now this gets tricky because you end up being hard core judged on your music tastes but it’s nice to switch up the car DJ every once in awhile.

Once the category is decided you get sixty seconds to find the best fit and then get judged on your choice of song.

A game where you can play some throwbacks and reminisce on all the right music that played before the shit on the radio

Word Association Game:

This game ends up being hilarious because you become fascinated with the weird shit that people associate words with.

Once the first word is started, it usually goes downhill from there as you start screaming out the first bizarre word that comes to mind, often inappropriate.

Alphabetical Categories Game:

This one is harder than it seems when your category is fruit and your letter is X. It’s a fast-paced and hilarious game that makes you feel dumb when you can’t think of the most basic words, and your brain turns to mush the second pressure is on.

For any of you competitive game players, road trip games are strictly for fun so don’t get all butthurt once you realize you suck at the majority of them.

Enjoy your company, snacks, and music, and you’ll reach your destination before you even realize.