3 Make-Believe Games From Your Childhood

Remember the days where the only games you played solely relied on your imagination and sense of humor?

It’s crazy to think that we used to transform any environment, object, and idea into a “real life” crisis and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not too positive what kind of made up games kids play nowadays, but I know that they will never compare to the adrenaline-rushing excitement of the games below.

Hot Lava:

There was nothing scarier than the lava monsters inhabiting your entire living room. Usually, you’re not allowed to jump on the furniture but what else could you do but jump back and forth when there is burning hot lava under you.

Before you knew it, your mind tricks you, and the lava starts splashing while the monsters are multiplying leading to more chaos and screaming.

If your neighbors didn’t know any better, they would think that your family had some serious issues. A game worth remembering, with no real logic but who needs that anyways.

Stepping On A Crack:

This game is a little twisted, and I’m not too sure how “step on a crack, and you’ll break your mother’s back” became a thing. I feel sorry for the parents that would witness their children purposely step on the crack in hopes they get injured. The game expanded beyond the parent’s backs to anyone you felt the slightest bit angry towards that day.

Very grateful that it’s not real or there would be a lot of broken backs out there right now. A game that helps you watch where you’re walking until you look up and realize you passed your destination five blocks earlier.

Boogie Man:

Similar to hide n seek you would choose someone to transform into their scariest boogie man impersonation and try to find you.

Sometimes you would even play it in the dark but probably only when your older siblings or friends forced you to. For some reason, we found excitement in getting the shit scared out of us and that’s exactly what this game did.

You thought you had the best hiding spot until they popped their head under your bed where you accidentally flinch and punch them in the eye.

Being the boogie man can be just as scary at times when you slowly make your way into a room poking your head in the most bizarre places just to make sure someone didn’t morph their body into the tiny cracks.

Even though creative abilities are dimmed growing up, it doesn’t take away from all of the priceless memories from playing them. Guarantee if we had added a little liquor and sleep deprivation we could fully convert back to those child-like minds, screaming about how hot the lava still is.

It’s nice to take a trip down memory lane, remembering the games that kept us livelily and drove our parents insane.

We have to make sure we teach our kids these, so we have an excuse to jump on the furniture and hide out for a while.

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