Hottest Pussy Games You Need To Play Now

Looking for something a little more exciting and interactive than snap chat nudes? Adult sex games are the hottest new thing, and they’re all over the place. I’ve gathered together some of the best that you can play online, so strap yourselves in and get ready to experience some hot new sensations with these pussy games!

There are literally hundreds of adult sex games on offer now, but most don’t really do anything other than let you wank off – which is fine if you want that sort of thing, but what about when you want something a bit more interactive? Well, luckily there are some great options out there for those who like their sex games to be a bit more hands-on.

League of Pleasures

The first game I’d recommend checking out is called League of Pleasures. This one’s quite simple; you choose from a selection of sexy ladies, then the two of you strip down until you’re both completely naked. Then you just have to start touching each other sensually, exploring your bodies and getting turned on by the fact that you’re naked together.

It doesn’t take long before you’ll be kissing passionately, rubbing against each other and trying hard not to cum too early. It’s an incredibly addictive game, and it’s perfect for people looking for something a bit more intimate than porn. There are lots of different girls to try, as well as tons of options for customizing your own character, including skin color, breast size and even genital size!

Kate’s Diaries

My second recommendation would be Kate’s Diary, one of the more popular pussy sex games. If you’re into real-life stories where people actually fuck, this game may be right up your alley! Here, you’re controlling a young woman named Kate, as she experiences her very first sexual encounter with another girl. You control everything, including how far along the story goes, whether or not you let the girl go, and what happens next.

It’s easy to play, and you get to see plenty of hot lesbian action. As you progress through the game, you unlock new scenes and even different endings. It’s a pretty good game, although the graphics could definitely use some work.

Realm of Sex

Another great option would be Realm of Sex, which comes highly recommended by many erotic game reviewers. This one is similar to Kate’s Diary, but instead of being focused around female-on-female action, it has a male protagonist. That means you get to play as a guy, and if you’re into playing guys, you’ll have plenty of fun with this one.

In this game, you’re a soldier in a fantasy world full of horny monsters. Your goal is to save the world from the evil demon lord, and during your adventures, you meet a cute elf chick named Ayla. Of course, you want to bang her, so you decide to try and seduce her. She’s a bit shy at first, but once you show her that you’re interested, she warms up quickly.

There’s a lot of dialogue and interaction here, and while the graphics aren’t the greatest, there’s still enough going on to keep things interesting. The story isn’t the best, but it’s good for a quick afternoon distraction.

Sexy Maid

For my last recommendation, I’d suggest taking a look at Sexy Maid. This one’s a classic; it’s been around for ages, and it’s always fun. In this game, you play as a wealthy landlord who’s decided to throw a big party for his friends. Unfortunately, he’s also got a huge cock, and he ends up fucking the maid (who’s also your wife), without realizing she’s in disguise.

As you might expect, trouble ensues, and the two of them end up having an affair. While this isn’t really a “game” per se, it’s still pretty cool. You can play the entire thing online, and it’s a lot of fun to boot. Just make sure you don’t get caught!